Here is a list of resources that I find very useful.

General Computer Stuff


  • Seaborn: A package enhancing matplotlib for data visualisation


  • MacTeX: A distribution of software and packages for LaTeX on Mac. Contains some great softwares:

    • TeXShop: A LaTeX editor

    • BibDesk: A bibliography manager. This software is a saver! I manage my paper library with it.

    • LaTeXiT: A tiny LaTeX editor to produce equations very quickly, which can be used for PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.

  • ADS to BibDesk: A great AppleScript which allows to add ADS and ArXiV papers to BibDesk using a simple shortcut. Can use a proxy computer in order to download papers as if one is on their university network.


  • ORCID: Persistent academic identifier.

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