Introduction to Data Science

Undergraduate course, The University of Manchester, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2022

Introduction to Data Science is an optional module for Year 1 and Year 2 undergraduate students of Physics and Astronomy taught in Semester 2 (i.e. February-May). I co-teach this module with my colleague Marco Gersabeck.


  • To introduce basics of statistical methods and modern-day advanced data analysis techniques, as required in all fields working with data.
  • To deepen the understanding of how data analysis works for small and large data samples.
  • To obtain a comprehensive set of tools to analyse data.


  1. Probabilities and interpretations
  2. Probability distributions
  3. Parameter estimation
  4. Maximum likelihood
  5. Least square, chi2, correlations
  6. Monte Carlo basics
  7. Goodness of fit tests
  8. Hypothesis testing
  9. Probability and confidence level
  10. Limit setting
  11. Introduction to multivariate analysis techniques

Lecture Notes

Github repository with the lecture notes.

NBViewer rendering of the lecture notes.